EndeavourOS ARM community repo

Is there a separate ARM community repo at EndeavourOS?

Here are the three EndeavourOS repos available for the Endeavour additional packages. The repos are the same as much as possible, except for a few x86_64 packages that do not apply to arm. Such as reflector, reflector-simple, akm, etc.

Here is the official Archlinux Arm packages.

The AUR can be used by ARM devces with Archlinux as such. Look in the PKGBUILD and look for the ‘arch=’ line.

arch=(‘any’) can be used by x86_64 + aarch64 + armv7h OSes.
arch=(‘x86_64’ ‘aarch64’) can be used on x86_64 and aarch64 OSes.

If a PKGBUILD does not have ‘any’ and does not have the desired architecture listed for aarch64 or armv7, download the zip file on the target machine, change the arch= line to include your architecture then run makepkg and see if it compiles and runs.

That is what I have to do for polybar and yay. Then I have to compile the PKGBUILD once on an aarch64 machine, then again on a armv7h machine because these packages are achitecture specific.



All packages which have “any” listed as their architecture, such as Ooops.


Hi Pudge,

Thank you for taking time to write that. However, I was only wondering whether Endeavour OS maintained an ARM-specific repo of any kind. Although, I’m aware that this only serves as a time-saving convenience when the packages in question are available on the AUR.


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