EndeavourOS and EGPU

Hi folks, I’m trying Endeavour after leaving Manjaro. I have a quick question:
I have a 2013 Mac Pro (Trashcan) and I want to install Endeavour on it and connect an EGPU for gaming. So, will it work with an EGPU? It’s a Thunderbolt 3, and I have a 3-2 converter. Is this doable? Do I need to connect 2 monitors? One for the onboard GPU and one for the EGPU?
Xeon E5-1620v2
AMD Firepro D700 (Dual)
64GB of ram
EGPU: Radeon RX 5700 XT 8GB
Also, should I use BootCamp? I don’t mind hanging onto OSX, but I don’t mind just installing Endeavour.


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I think you shouldn’t have a problem installing eos on the Mac Book Pro. I would take my time and concentrate on the install and get it working first before delving into the EGPU.

Edit: Here is some info to go over from the Arch wiki.


You can dual boot OSX and linux, don’t use bootcamp. I’ve installed both Arch and Debian on a MacBook Pro (2016). The issue I ran into was hardware compatibility but it worked for the most part. Your milage may vary with a 2013 model. I know the older ones have better compatiblity from what I remember.

I just wanted to chime in since two replies called this a Macbook Pro. This is INFINITELY way more awesome than a Macbook Pro. The trashcan is one of the coolest things ever, and probably the one piece of Apple hardware I’d still absolutely love to own.

I’m assuming you can use the EGPU as long as it’s not Nvidia. The 5700xt should be ok. You may need to setup swticheroo for using it though to choose between igpu and egpu.

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What is switcheroo?