Endeavour xfce offline iso

Hello ^^

I would like to install endeavour offline directly with xfce desktop. But I have no choice with the last iso the offline installer is only with KDE desktop :frowning:
Where can I find an iso file of endeavour with xfce directly please ?

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Hi and welcome to the forums, the way I understand it, you would need to install Xfce using the online installer.

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Here are some older EndeavourOS ISO files (simple google search provided):


Yes I have older iso in my external disk but the problem is that i need to reinstall a lot of times endeavour fastly with xfce to test some programs fastly and my connection internet is bad.

Of course I tried older iso xfce installation (apollo 22.1) but when I try to update until Galileo version, I get some errors messages about gpg keys …
Then this could save me a lot of time by avoiding online installations…
But you are right, maybe i should try the cassini nova version if offline xfce is available… ^^

Why don’t you use a virtual machine and just install it once and clone the clean VM as many times as you require?

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because I’m trying hardly to run a graphical interface under wine from a specific sofware that is only available on mac/windows :frowning: Then if I use a VM I’m afraid I’ll end up with more problems to deal with.

What I liked about Endeavour was the ability to install with calamares in 5 min Endeavour + xfce offline only if you could update to the latest version.

But today I’m going to try cassini nova to install xfce quickly, provided that offline mode is available of course.
Because with Galileo + online + xfce + my internet connection = 45 min installation time… xD

We don’t ship an Xfce ISO anymore. Only KDE.
We don’t have a big enough team to support ISOs with multiple DEs.

still possible to build xfce4 iso from the old tag from cassini… but also would need to build calamares (installer) or live with out of place look and fee of it…

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No problem,
Finally I tried cassini nova but I was not enable to update until Galileo with somes gpg error.
Then I reinstalled Galileo and taken coffee during the installation :smile:
I will use some experimental test about wine a 2nd partition disk to save time instead of to reinstall Endeavour each time ^^
And when I will find the solution about wine, I will do it on my main partition with Galileo.
I love Endeavour. It should be number 1 on distrowatch :smile: !!

Thanks a lot and have a nice day