Endeavour os reddit community

How can i join endeavouros reddit community . they are in protest. now how can i join the community. They are not allowing me


why such anger ?? :cold_face: :cold_face:

No anger involved my newly gained forum mate.
Not sure why you interpret it that way.

Happy forum-ing!

:enos: :wave:t5:

PS. you haven’t seen me yet when I am angry :rofl:

sorry i interpreted it wrong. really sorry .

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No problem! You might have interpreted the “emoji” in another way that was intended.

By the way, welcome to EnOS’ community!
Hope you will be enjoying yourself here!

You can ask Reddit to stop charging for APIs again and go back to how it was in June again. . . Otherwise Reddit is pretty much dead. Time to move on.

thanks , i am enjoying very much

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By the way, I think I recognize your avatar as Sri Vivekanada. Is that right?


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yes, Swami Vivekananda…

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There was a time, when I was younger, I was very interested in Yoga philosophy. Unfortunately, less so in practice, being undisciplined as I was/am. So impossible not to come across Sri Ramakrishna and his disciple Swami Vivekananda.

same, i am also interested in yog and meditation. i guess you are not Indian

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No, I am not.

Though I have traveled in India twice when i was young. I have been as far North as to Himachal Pradash and to the absolute Southern point of the sub-continet in Kanyakumari.

Fascinating country and culture. My two journeys in India have left indelible traces in me for which I am thankful.

Glad to hear that… can you help in my keybinding issue. please help

I see your other thread now. Not an Xfce user, I am afraid I cannot be much of help to you.

I’ll move your thread to Xfce section so other forum members might come across it more easily.


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