Endeavour OS is number one on distrowatch when you look at the last 30 days


It looks like EOS overtook MX linux in the last month. Congrats!




Not to throw shade at MX Linux, but I really don’t understand why its so popular on Distrowatch…


Not to throw shade on anyone, but I really don’t understand why any stock is put in the Distrowatch page ranking list. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just for comparsion purposes, here is google trends for past 30 days:


It’s because distrowatch rankings have the same level of credibility as blue checkmark accounts on Twitter, lol.


PARTYTIME :beer: :rainbow: :partying_face: :rocket:



I swear, its like these Ubuntu guys set scripts to auto click the Ubuntu links on Distrowatch’s page just to get them up there. j/k I’m sure DW has backend code to prevent counting non-unique IP addresses… or do they…

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The assumption is the other way around. Distros like MX and EndeavourOS can be seen as the one’s who gain the most from auto click scripts. I doubt anyone is doing that from those communities, and DW claims they have some mitigation against misuse

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if every eos user puts it as their homepage, it could go through the roof :smiley:

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As of today, the forum reports 4110 users. Even if that number represents only 1% of EndeavourOS users, that total is hovering at about 411,000 users. If every one of those users set their homepage to DW’s EndeavourOS page, the needle may jump a little bit! :stuck_out_tongue:


To be fair, we should bump Arch a little bit. It’s lagging behind a bit…


Really? Where is everybody? I only see the same few people here …

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Even within the limited ‘reliability context’ of DistroWatch, remember that the last 30 days results include the release of Atlantis - which would have spiked the numbers as a new release always does.

Regardless, it is nice to be ‘on the radar’, whatever its validity!



Your guess is as good as mine.

Maybe most users just do not need assistance and are anti-social? :smiley:

Whatever the numbers are, whether DW’s page hit ranking, google trends, or forum membership count, the one thing for certain is that raw data tells us nothing without context and further examination.

I use EndeavourOS, btw.


In fairness to both distributions, each is very good, reliable, stable and well suited for their community.

I have no idea how the count and preferences are obtained or validated. I would agree with the high ratings however due to the quality of the software in Endeavour OS and MX Linux.

I used to like debian/ubuntu based distros until I fell in love with arch, pacman, and the aur. Now debian based distros feel dated to me. I guess I like the socalled “bleeding edge” rather than conservatism for stability. Distros based on debian are too stable and become boring. I like tinkering constantly, customizing, and fixing stuff if it breaks. endeavour os is pretty damn stable though, I use it on my work machine for this reason. I have used eos for over a year with little to zero issues.


It’s the same of us who enjoying helping/dev/testing/being part of things.


It’s the same people who constantly have the same problems on every distro no matter what and are always looking for help.

The other 4000+ just use Endeavour everyday and don’t have any Linux addiction/problems and sign up, install and go about their business.


Whether this is then the target group for EOS, I doubt it. But anyway, it was just a thought.

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My reply was mindless banter; a joke.

I’m not upset by the project or the people. :slight_smile: I’m just one of the regulars.