Endeavour OS installation problems

Is there a net-installer version of endeavouros iso file? I may have been mistaken but there is no link on the Download page apparently. Thanks

EDIT: I am also having trouble installing the os after using rufus to create bootable usb with DD method, but after I get into the live image i never receive the welcome message. If try to open the installer it just crashesm, and apparently both the times I tried to install the OS i never have internet connection although my ethernet cable is directly attached to my desktop computer. I have internet connnection in windows 10.

The ISO contains a net installer, no additional ISO needed.

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Out of curiosity, is the downloaded iso only 2gb? The reason I am asking is because the download page also mentioned about redownloading which I did not get exactly.

The ISO is around 2 GB, this contains a live environment, an offline install option and an online install option.
When you choose the online installer it will download the files needed for the chosen selection.

Where did you get the redownloading part from?

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The official download page:


We need more info on your hardware to help you, like the network info on your machine.

You mind elaborating on the network info part?

Your hardware specs, which network card does your machine ship?

Intel I211 Gigabit LAN

FYI, when I usually create bootable for other distros, my BIOS always part 1 and part 2, but this time only usb part 2 for endeavour OS, which is why I asked whether I downloaded the full iso or not

We’d need the output of this command:

inxi -Fxxxzc0
# or
inxi -Fxxxzc0 | eos-sendlog

And please use the </> button to make the output more readable.

The command is just stuck in the terminal.

EDIT: Is it possible that I created an incomplete usb boot driver: using rufus to create bootable usb with DD method

It sounds like you have a damaged ISO.
Try a new download and create the USB again.

FYI, I don’t completely understand the BIOS pt 1 and pt 2 part, but I guess it has something to do with how your BIOS works and another member can shed some light on it.

I created a bootable usb using a different usb but the results are the same.

To me it sounds as if you aren’t connecting to the internet at all. I am not sure what to recommend to cure that, however - it does NOT sound like the most common problem with connection. Do you have WiFi available as a stopgap measure?

If the ISO is damaged, then the result stays the same.
Try and download a new one.

nope wifi is not an option

Commands get stuck in the terminal, that sounds like an issue with the ISO itself.

Does it matter which location I download from ?

No, just pick the one that’s close to you and check the download with the keys.

The suggested commands contain an attempt to contact through eos-sendlog - and the command would appear to hang on internet failure, no?

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