Endeavour OS installation error code 1

The package manager could not make changes to the installed system. The command

returned error code 1.

WTF !!!

More useful info would be to use the log tool in the live session after a failed install and post the url on the forum.


We need to see the installation log to help you.

If the install fails, it should be in the home directory of the live user.

How to get that log report ?

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It should be in the home directory of the live user when the install fails.

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Okay let me try again

Here it is please help. It’s my main PC, I don’t have any OS installed LMAO


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yeah I did, please check that

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Which ISO are you using? You need to either use the latest ISO(nova) or uncheck ipw2100-fw and ipw2200-fw from the list of packages to install.

i think it’s the apollo

That is a really old ISO. You probably shouldn’t be using that. You could try unchecking the two packages referenced above under network.

Okay lemme flash the new ISO, I thought it will work


Hey thanks buddy !! It worked :smiley:


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