Endeavour is alternative to crone.daily?

A book I’m reading indicates that in Ubuntu in /etc/crib.daily/ a passwd file containing some sort of script is to be found.

There’s no such oath in endeavour

Where will I find the desires file??

At this point, cron jobs have mostly been replaced with systemd timers.

However, without more information, it is hard to say where the file you are looking for is located.

Is the book online? If so, can you share a link to that page?

Thank you.
Here’s the link to the page - I am not sure it will work.
If it does not work, here’s the script inside the supposed file:


cd /var/backups || exit 0

for FILE in passwd group shadow gshadow; do
        test -f /etc/$FILE              || continue
        cmp -s $FILE.bak /etc/$FILE     && continue
        cp -p /etc/$FILE $FILE.bak && chmod 600 $FILE.bak

I am learning some things and need the file mainly for study - so no worries if it is not vailable.
Thank you

In case you wonder where is the link its the word ‘link’ (on my screen it looks like the link is not highlighted)

It isn’t telling you that you can find that script there. It is telling you to put it there.

Also, it is just an example.

That being said, many of the examples on that page are specific to ubuntu/debian.

Thank you.
I obviously had a different read.
So being Debian/Ubuntu - should I avoid using EOS for it? would it be better to start a GNOME Box with ubuntu ??
I appreciate it.