Endeavour hits Storm in Teacup

Have you guys picked up on this story…

HMB Endeavour: Row erupts over location of Cook’s coal ship.

and - ‘You’re saying it Britain’s fault!’ Endeavour discoverer explains why the British are responsible for location of ship…

perhaps “logs for troubleshooting” rather than ship’s log can sort it…? :upside_down_face:

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Surely the Arch Wiki should be consulted before making conclusions? :wink: :rofl:


I’m already updated with pacman. :laughing:

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The history of Lieutenant James Cook is fascinating. They refused to call him Captain until long after his death. Lt. even today is highest rank you can get in British Mercantile Navy. It was because he was a non-commissioned officer even though he was the most celebrated seafarer in Britain. HMS Endeavour was a converted coal ship, but it came to be the first fleet to what we now know as Australia. Some trivia.