EndeavorOS Recognizes a Problem other Distros didn't

I’ve run a lot of distros and none of them told me my ram sticks were not inserted in the right order. EndeavorOS recognized that and let me know. How freaking cool is that???

Why is that important: I was about to buy more ram, a hard drive, and even contemplating buying a new computer. EndeavorOS saved me money.

EndeavorOS delivers on the promise of Linux, flexible, Herman hermit-like, and accessible to all, even a GUI guy like me.

So many, many tinks to this amazing forum. Cheers!


Really? How did it even do that? That’s awesome.

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Yeah, I know, no idea. Upon boot up, it said my RAM was not inserted in the correct order. I started laughing. I couldn’t believe it was that simple. It saved me a lot of money.

I really want to contribute with the documentation now :slight_smile: :grin:

:confused: How? this is the first time I’m hearing an OS saying something like this.

Anyway, it’s the magic dust that does that. It gets sprinkled on by @manuel and @joekamprad at the final stages of ISO baking.

Sounds to me like a BIOS warning, my B550 mobo has that too (I had been trying ram stick configs due to a faulty ram). Though I jumped from AM3 socket to AM4(B550) so it’s hard for me to tell when it became norm (AM3 to AM4 is around 10 years of dev time if i’m not mistaken).

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I thought so as well but the setup hadn’t moved for a while, as in years. Maybe there was a BIOS update I’m not aware of? Go figure! In any case, I’m happy.

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