Endeavor OS choice about default Wayland

Yesterday KDE Plasma 6 arrived with default Wayland session.

Will new Endeavor OS iso’s come with default Wayland too?

The ISO itself will(probably) continue to use X11 for now for the broadest compatibility.

However, the installed system will follow the upstream default. In the case of plasma 6, this means Wayland will be the default session. However, if you prefer X11, it is just a matter selecting X11 from the dropdown before logging in the first time.


How about Nvidia users?
Are they able to launch Wayland session without any configuration or not?

As @dalto already mentioned, choosing between Wayland and X11 is a matter of selecting the preferred one you like in SDDM.
The best way to find out is by trying it out, if it doesn’t boot, you simply just reboot and select X11 again. :wink:

We are going to make test runs when the ISO is ready, but it is too early to say right now which Nvidia card will work or not.