Encrypting backup and password manager

I have never encrypted my back up, nor have I ever used a password manager.

  1. I am thinking to encrypt all my files before uploading to mega. Is this the correct approach if I want privacy and security? I mean is there any weakness in this approach? I think it depends on the encryption I use, and the password, and they can see metadata, like file size, date of upload etc.
    And which should I use? on internet I see people saying i) use AES 128 as it is more than enough and is faster, ii) AES 256 is necessary even though it takes more time.
    And lastly, do I put all directories in one directory, then encrypt and upload or do it individually?

  2. I want an offline password manager for both linux and android. I have heard keepassxc for linux and keepassdx for android is good. Is this alright or are there better alternatives? And I am okay to back it up manually, so is it alright if I store the passwords on mega after encrypting?

Thank you!

Yes, I would always recommend encrypting your data locally before uploading to any cloud service.

How to do that depends on what the data is, why you are keeping it in the cloud and how you need to access it. Can you give us a bit more detail?

keepassxc is pretty much the standard here. You just need to determine how you will make the file available to all the devices that need it.

As long as you configure it properly so the keepass file is safely encrypted.

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Thanks a lot! The data is in total 170 MB. Its mostly pdfs and screenshots. I have organized them into directories. So " gpgtar -c -o dir.gpg dir" is enough right? (it does AES 128 by default).

You could do that. You would need to think about how and where to store your private keys. You also could use some kind of encrypted backup solution which might make it easier to access the data.

Really, there is no one right answer here.

You should think about “What is the situation I would want to access this data in the cloud and would I have everything I need to do so?”