Encryptet dualboot with windows 10

I am trying to migrate from Ubuntu right now and try to install, an encrypted dual boot with
Windows 10. The reason I like to have my personal stuff secure and keep my games on a
extra partition. The Installer always stops when at the grub/EFI point and crashes.

So things I did, switched my secure boot off, disabled BitLocker on Windows, and switched to hibernate off.

My Partition table

<pre>nvme0n1             259:0    0 953.9G  0 disk                         Flag I tried      mount point
├─nvme0n1p1         259:7    0   100M  0 part                               boot esp         /boot/efi
├─nvme0n1p2         259:8    0    16M  0 part  
├─nvme0n1p3         259:9    0 700.3G  0 part  
├─nvme0n1p4         259:10   0   546M  0 part  
├─nvme0n1p5         259:11   0     2G  0 part                                 bios-grub       /boot
└─nvme0n1p6         259:12   0 250.9G  0 part  
 └─nvme0n1p6_crypt 254:0    0 250.9G  0 crypt 
   ├─system-home   254:1    0   150G  0 lvm   
   └─system-root   254:2    0 100.9G  0 lvm  </pre>

I would love to keep the home partition separate, this seems more robust than an encrypted home folder

This is my log


Questions: Is my partition table done right? I confused about the grub partition, which flag does it need, does grub need an extra partition in a setup like these?

Any further hints how to solve this ?

Are you trying to install into an existing lvm on luks volume? If so, we don’t support that in the installer. We certainly haven’t tested it.

Yeah this is actually what I tried.
Prepare the partition table with lvm and luks first, tell calamares, which partition is what and then go…

I guess having an encrypted dual boot with a separate home and root partition is right now not really possible?

You just could try your luck with this guide, me thinks:


Athough, this guide is using Arch Linux, not EndevourOS, but the EnOS integration could be done at a later stage. For the integration of a WM/DE you further have to take a look at the Arch Wiki. :wink:

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You can have separate encrypted partitions but luks on lvm isn’t currently supported.

You could try using systemd-boot instead of grub but I have never tested that.

This won’t really give you an EndeavourOS system. Without the installer, you won’t get our settings.

You will just have an Arch system with some EOS packages added to it.

Yeah, because mkinitcpio / dracut? This should be possible to exchange, too, for someone knowing their ways around. - Should it not? Or… what else were the latest changes to EnOS, so it can’t be integrated into an Arch install? Sorry, I’m not aware…

It isn’t only that. It is all the settings and configurations we do in the installer.

There is no list of everything we change in the installer and/or on the ISO. I suppose you could manually read through every config file and script on the ISO and make all those changes manually.

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Guess I wouldn’t want to do that. :wink:

Yet, Arch seems a bit leaner than EnOS to me so far. Never ever even bothered to enable EnOS repos on an Arch install.

That’s a unique selling proposition. :rofl:

Thank you for the fast reply,
so I guess when I have time I must read further and be brave enough to directly jump into pure Arch… and try my luck with the tutorial.

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