Encrypted volume install with Dracut instead of mkinitcpio

I am following the guide here to set up an encrypted system: https://discovery.endeavouros.com/encrypted-installation/lvmonluks/2021/03/

Everything is going great, however the guide references mkinitcpio instead of dracut in step 11. Is there anything that needs to be done in the dracut config file?

Hardware information:


Boot log:


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dracut should automatically detect the need for lvm and resume as long as your build your boot images with those in your running system.

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I left dracut alone in step 11.

Iā€™m also running into an issue with dracut in step 14.
I followed the step but omitted mkinitcpio -p linux.
I followed the remaining steps and when I boot, from my new install, it stops at Reached target Basic System.

I must be missing something here, any advice?

You needed to replace that step with sudo dracut-rebuild to build the new boot images.


That did the trick, thanks!

I also found some issues in my grub config file that I corrected.

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