Encrypted install: entering a bad password results in rescue mode

instead of asking again. Kernel is 5.18.1-arch1-1. The operating system is up to date per 2022-06-22.
Is this a bug? Of course it is easy to reboot and try again.

And it would be convenient to see the password while typing - there is noone watching - or at least asteriscs to catch an accidental extra character. If this is off topic, please steer me to the right place to ask.

Thank you.

If this is a full disk encryption with an encrypted boot you can only enter the password once. This is an issue with grub. In addition, there is no beautification possible at this early stage, unfortunately.

You can find some additional information here.

BTW welcome to the EOS community.


yes welcome at the purpleverse :enos:

And the issue is grub indeed… its not the best and perfect solution but sadly still the one usable for the installer process in a easy way… working 99% … There is not much we can do to make it look better or change the way it proceeds…


Thank you very much. I am quite content to reboot. Just wanted to know if this was possible. Auch vielen Dank an Herrn Doktor joekamprad (sounds german) :wink:

From Dr. Wolfgang

Ja ganz genau :wink:

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