Encrypted BTRFS install failed with "Main script file /usr/lib/calamares/modules/windowsbootentry/main.py for python job windowsbootentry raised an exception."

I am reinstalling on my laptop computer because I wanted to try Hyprland. For some reason I am getting an error at the end that says “Main script file /usr/lib/calamares/modules/windowsbootentry/main.py for python job windowsbootentry raised an exception.” I am using a custom BTRFS mount config from a youtube video for snapper that I have used on all my machines and never had an issue. I think it might be an issue related to the new ISO.

It looks like it is related to Windows being installed on the drive and trying to do a dual boot setup. I had Grub installed on its own partition separate from Windows. A while back I remember os-prober was disabled as a workaround and I think I have to disable os-prober in order to make it work.

Here is the output of my log file if it helps:

It looks like grub-mkconfig is failing. It looks like adding grub-btrfs to your custom package list is breaking the install.

Try installing without grub-btrfs and install that post-install.

TIP: WCs (window compositors) and WMs (window managers) usually don’t interfere with each other, so no need to reinstall a distro to switch between them.

DEs (desktop environments) on the other hand do sometimes interfere with each other, especially if they use different design languages like Gtk and libadwaita vs Qt and kirigami.

@dalto , I’ll try that and see if it works.

@ddnn , I was using Plasma. Nothing wrong with it, just want something new to try. Besides Im installing a new root drive soon and want to install fresh later. Just want to see how this works.

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The tip was for the future anyway. So, next time you’d like to try a WC/WM, you can just install it, log out, select it, and log back in.

Some of them do require you to set them up before logging in, though.

Ok, gotcha. So, what if my wife is oldschool and only wants to use KDE (took amost 5 years to get off Windows, so not pushing another change) and her account only uses KDE but I set up a new account and only login with the WC/WM, will that work? I read somewhere it would as long as the users to not mix environments. Is the a config file issue or a dependancy issue?

@dalto , that worked. Thanks. I should have came here hours ago instead of wasting an entire day on this issue.

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Yes. Config issue. This was/is said for DEs.

In particular, DEs with global full-featured settings managers from different design languages don’t like each other. Most, if not all, WCs and WMs don’t have full-featured settings managers, so they work okay with each other.

But yes, it would work if you use a different user account, and it would work for her as well. It’s just that some WCs/WMs won’t display things properly without setting them up correctly.

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