Enabling secure boot with Windows 11 Dual boot using Grub

Hey, was wondering if there was a well documented way on enabling secure boot for endeavour + windows dual boot using grub. I don’t mind switching to other boot loader if needed. I don’t really care about the security benefits, I simply need secure boot enabled for some applications on Windows 11 to work.

Thanks :slight_smile:

The documentation on that is here:



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Let us know if you get secure boot going.


Good news: definitely possible
Bad news: a bit complicated

My experience is that achieving Secureboot with Grub is annoying. Even if you get your UEFI to load grubx64.efi, Grub will complain when trying to load modules.

One solution might be to create a unified kernel image. Set up Preloader in your EFI system partition to load the unified kernel image. Create a boot entry for PreLoader.efi. Enable Secureboot. Enroll the hash of the unified kernel image on first boot.