Enable or Disable Secure Boot

Hi guys,
Finally I got a new laptop
Asus X415F, i3 processor, and Windoze unfortunately. But will over write ( single boot EOS)
I got to BIOS canged boot order to start from USB flash disk.

For now I just want to test EndeavourOS Live session to be sure everything is working as supposed to be.

Should I leave secure boot enabled or should I disable it?
Anything to do to be sure I will have a function key to let me to the BIOS or other function keys?

Thank you in advance.

You won’t be able to boot the live ISO if it is enabled.

If you want to use EOS, you have to disable it.

That is specific to the BIOS/firmware of your hardware.

@dalto for help as usual.
Sure I want to EOS.
What worried me that during boot (to windoze) I didn’t see anything saying press F2, or Fx to enter BIOS

I went to BIOS through windoze settings…
How to be sure I have an option to go to BIOS during boot? If disabled I will not be able to boot to windoze I think and no way to BIOS then.

How to be sure I have an option to go to BIOS during boot after disabling secure boot?

I think there is some settings to set in BIOS to enable function keys

It is still possible but definitely better to fix before hand.

More than likely.

You might need to change the “OS” to be something other than Windows 10+ in the BIOS or it might be a specific named setting. You can just go through the settings and experiment.

Disable “Fast Boot” if I remember.

Some people recommend that. I have never had to do it on any device.

Perhaps there is also something called fast boot you can disable …

Well, I just disabled it.
I did not see any /fx on the display but F2 got me to the BIOS where I disabled secure boot.

I am typing this from the live session.
Just to test it, I tried:

  • fast.com (went great)
  • youtube (went fine)
  • installed vlc, downloaded an MP3 (went fine)

I will gladly install on full disk and eleminate the preinstalled windoze!
(I just got irritated and nervous because I had to go through it when I got it out of the box - believe it or not, brand new, first boot out of the box and it it gave me a few error messages!)

Hopefully will be posting to you in a few minutes after installing EndeavourOS.
I will do my best not to “kill” this machine as I always do! :rofl:

Sorry, What is https://termbin.com/7wb9

2022-10-02 - 15:54:40 [6]: [PYTHON JOB]: “error: target not found: ipw2100-fw”
2022-10-02 - 15:54:40 [6]: [PYTHON JOB]: “error: target not found: ipw2200-fw”

Uncheck the box for these two packages in the installer.


Sorry for being that illiterate. Where can I find them?

You are using an older ISO. You should use the latest.

Under network but I would recommend using the latest ISO instead.



Courtesy of @pycrk


Thank you very much @pebcak
Thanks to @dalto and @Zircon34 as well for all your patience.

Unmarked them and hopefully will be posting to you soon from my installed and belived EndeavourOS

Sorry @dalto. It seems we posted the same moment.

Well, hopefully the old one will do for now. This is the USB stick I got.

I promise I will download and dd the latest ISO and always keep the latest (though I hope I will not need it ever again)

Many thanks to @pycrk and to all of you.
Wonderful community.
Thank you all.

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First thing to do after booting my system is to post a great thank you for all of you here in this thread and for all the community, developers, moderators… everybody.

I really appreciate your patience with me and your understanding.
:heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Love you all.

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this picture is stolen from @joekamprad :rofl:


So, I have to thank @joekamprad for it, and I never thought ever I would thank a robber for steeling something and encourage him to keep steeling as much as he can for the welfare of our wonderful community.

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