Emoji's underneath the post (Retort) is back again (UPDATE)

Today an update appeared for the plugin that provides the emoji’s underneath a post and the bug is solved.

To make it visible, just re-login on the forum and it will appear again.


With the white theme applied the emoji count is barely visible

but I’m happy to see the emojis back nevertheless :slight_smile:

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Do you remember if this was the case before? It seems to pick up the background colour for the font-colour as well.

I happened at the same time retort get broken. Apparently this part wasn’t fixed…

But before that the font colour was black?

Yes, I think. Not sure about the color, but it was visible.

Thank you for your reply, it is something I can’t control in the settings.

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Due to an update the retort plugin broke again, now it interfered with the emoji’s in the reply field.
You have to re-login again for the reply function to work again.
The retort plugin (emoji underneath the post) is disabled.

Due to the issues it gave on the forum the past week, I’m not sure the plugin will return in the future.


For those who are interested, I enabled the Retort plugin again, judging from a quick glance it works again, please report issues concerning the Retort plugin or the emoji menu in the reply field over here.

To make it work again, you have to re-login.