Elisa Music Player Not Opening

Installed Elisa from Arch Repos. It opened fine the first time. Then, nothing. Same behavior in X11 or Wayland. I get the following…


EDIT: My KDE Plasma 6 install was fully updated before installing Elisa.

Installed Elisa for this. Running the app in the terminal shows anything?

It opens and works fine without error message in Wayland and X11 when running from terminal…

[wombat@endeavouros ~]$ elisa
org.kde.elisa.indexers.manager: Local file system indexer is inactive
Unsupported option 'foreign_keys = ON'
Unsupported option 'locking_mode = EXCLUSIVE'
org.kde.elisa.indexers.manager: Local file system indexer is active
org.kde.elisa.indexers.manager: trigger init of local file indexer
[wombat@endeavouros ~]$ 

Starting here from krunner. Works fine

Did you installed it for the first time or are there any .config files left?

First install. Perhaps I’ll delete any .config files and try again. I’ll post back after I return from work later…

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Here it is even funnier. First time in a fresh session, when launching from KRunner or from the menu, I get both the Elisa window and the infamous notification popup. Then, until next reboot, Elisa starts only from the terminal.

That’s definitely strange. I deleted .configs and folders before I left for work. Opened Elisa and it was fine. Closed it and opened again and the same nutty behavior and message. It appears there’s some sort of bug. Once I’m on my break here at work, I’ll see if I can find any info on Elisa bugs.

I deleted configs as well. Same behavior until I rebooted. Then, one semi-clean start (with the message), and from that point on, only the message.

We’re definitely not alone… This is somewhat similar to what I’m getting.

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This is odd. After an exhaustive web search, seems the only recent issues regarding Elisa are this thread I created and the openSUSE thread; though someone started a thread at KDE Discuss which I responded to.

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There is, indeed, a regression bug filed.


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