Elementary OS 7 has been released

Based on Ubuntu 22.04. Will try it in a VM later this week.

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Didn’t know it still existed…


elementary OS 7: is it enough for me to switch back? - YouTube


Having watched his conclusion elementary OS 7: is it enough for me to switch back? - YouTube I’m sure I’ll reach the same judgement (I never switched in the first place). I will try it though, because I’ve always found their design philosophy interesting.

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I never really liked it, It is like cheap macos clone.


I have heard and read about Elementary OS that it is very easy to use, especially for those who are just switching from Windows. Zorin, for example, is a Linux distribution with a similar purpose. How is Elementary different from the Ubuntu it’s based on? As the name suggests, is elementary school and a little knowledge of Linux enough for safe daily use? Maybe even advanced and professional users can find their calculations in it?

What can KDE learn from ElementaryOS 7 Release? - YouTube


I have learned never to grow a beard like that…

I like Elementary OS a bit but i also like KDE a lot! :wink:

That’s what one learns from GNOME :wink: :smile:

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A better way to do Gnome.

Edit: It’s Elementary! Straight forward and uncomplicated! :rofl:


… and pretty boring … if i may say :sweat_smile:

Gnomes are boring! :laughing:


An alternative Elementary Gnome:


I apologise to :frog: everywhere.

My only experience with Elementary was pretty bad but that was quite a couple of years ago. I wanted to show my nephew how cool Linux is and how well it works for gaming and doing his homework. That was a total failure.

First thing that happened, it couldn’t install the programs I was trying to install from the store (i.e. libre office), we were not able to install steam neither, and then for whatever reason the system crashed/froze. We ended up installing windows. :pinched_fingers: :exploding_head:

I was so disappointed at this experience, it left a sour taste for this distro.

The distro likely has improved, but don’t think pantheon/ubuntu is my thing.

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