Eject USB from taskbar

Is there a usb icon that can be put on the taskbar to eject/unmount device?

I believe so it should be in the options for what you choose to display in the tray. It is not usually there by default.

Nothing in, Configure Panel.

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Go into configure panel and then widgets. From there you should see a list. One of which should be removable media (mount). Click on it and then hit the + sign. Not sure if you need to log back in and out or even reboot after that.

udiskie with the -t option puts udiskie into the systray. It allows you to eject and unmount your external disks.

My widgets doesn’t have a removable media icon.

udiskie with the -t option puts udiskie into the systray.

$ udiskie -t


bash: udiskie: command not found

OK. Sorry if my suggestion was incomplete. Firstly, you first need udisks2 from the Arch repo. I always install gvfs to accompany my file manager because it includes udisks2 which is needed to mount external disks. If your system doesn’t do that then you will need to install udisks2 directly from Arch. Then to get the extra benefit you can install udiskie. I then add udiskie to my startup file, depending on the tiling window manager I am using. If you don’t use a GUI display manager such as lightdm then you add udiskie -t & to the .xinit file. Whichever Desktop Environment you use, there will be a method to add a command to put udiskie into the systray.

I can’t really be more specific because I don’t know what DE/WM you use or how familiar you are with tiling window managers. There is some information in the Arch wiki which might make my jumbled answer a bit clearer.

OK, thanks.

Another apology is due because I forgot to mention the simplest way to get udiskie into your systray is to add it to your .xprofile file. You probably don’t have one. If not just create an .xprofile file in your Home directory. In the .xprofile file, you can add anything that you want to start up each time. There is nothing clever about it. You could add this:

udiskie --tray --automount --notify &

It will run udiskie, put the icon in your systray, automount an external hdd/usb stick when you plug it in and give you a little notification in your system’s notification app; the & keeps it running in the background.

You can left-click or right-click the icon.

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