eGPU - any advice what to buy?

Hello world!

I need advice on the topic of eGPU - which to buy that will work well with EndeavourOS.

Thank you in advance!


I’m interested too! Most of the generally available stuff is overpriced or just last gen… Saw some cheaper chinese stuff on alibaba, but idk if they’re even worth to try.

Also the connectors that work with an eGPU are so confusing. Hard to figure out that your board supports the usb4.whatever that’s needed for it to work. So yeah some advice would be nice.

I’ve used one (Gigabyte AORUS GTX 1080 Gaming Box) with Arch some years back; so EndeavourOS should have worked too. It functioned(*) a couple of months until the hardware of the box broke down and I got my money back because they couldn’t replace it. Was a nice experience but as I’m not that big of a gamer I left it at that.

(*) Some flaws I remember are not having plug and play and having to write some custom startup scripts for the whole setup to work. Unfortunately I don’t have any information or scripts backed up anymore. I only remember it being a pain to set up but eventually working reliably.

I remember checking, which is also mentioned in the ArchWiki eGPU article, before purchase.

In’s “Builds” section you can filter the “OS” for “Linux” and read how users set up their eGPU by reading their experiences under “Build link”.
It was and probably still is mostly Ubuntu related, but it did get me started and helped me set up my eGPU on Arch.

Sorry for not being able to help more. If you ever decide to go through with it, I’d really like to hear about your experience.

I personally don’t think an eGPU is worth it today. They will only give you 40 -75% performance of what a desktop PC can do. The fact is there are a lot of laptops now coming with some pretty high end dedicated graphics so eGPU are not that popular. There are some available but mostly off brand stuff such as on alibaba. I guess it’s a personal choice but for me i would rather have an internal GPU in a desktop or if one has to have a laptop there are plenty of options.

Thank you for your opinion! In my case, two computers are overkill and ocasionally, I would like to play a game and use the laptop for it, like I use it as my workhorse for my office stuff. On the road, I don’t really need the GPU, but it would be nice at home.

From this perspective, I would like to just have this without buying a new overpowered laptop or gaming desktop.

Thanks again for your advice!

I understand and that’s what I’m saying. For someone like yourself it does make sense. Finding one that will work well and do what you want at a price you are willing to pay is the challenge. Razor does make some enclosures that you can purchase card or cards for.

As an example: But out of stock

Will any piece work well with EndeavourOS?

I’m not sure how they would work in terms of getting it to use the egpu over the graphics in the laptop. I don’t know the steps involved as i don’t have any of that hardware. It’s not always just plug & play on Arch and sometimes requires some effort and configuration. :man_shrugging: