EEE PC with 1GB ram, best DE for newbe user?

So, I am deleting XP of an old EEE PC with 1GB of ram and an Atom cpu. I usually install KDE with systems that have at least 8GB of RAM and everything works fine, but this one is a little different situation. They are just starting to get into Linux and I have had such a good experience with Endeavour I think they would be better off starting of with it from scratch instead of using Mint then jumping on board.

Is this a bad idea and if not what DE do you recommend? I was thinking Cinnamon but I think it still might be much for only 1GB. Coming from Windows I think something like Cinnamon or KDE would be a better fit to get started.

Years ago i put Puppylinux on an eeepc.

Or Antix is a need distro for old hardware.

Pyppy is maybe not for the newbee. But really fast and flexible.
Frugal, persist, etc.

Antix is maybe more suiteable for a newbee. Flexible tooo.
Frugal, persist, etc.

It’s the crux to use a lightweight desktop.

Have fun …

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I did some digging around and found Q4OS which is based on Debian directly and not Ubuntu. It has and option for “Trinity” desktop (TDE), which seams to be based on an older version of KDE. When it booted up the old KDE startup sound played and started some flashbacks of starting my Linux journey with OpenSUSE and Kubuntu. It runs nicely on it (well, as good as it will get) and only uses 350Mb of memory. You even have the choice later on to install other DE’s alongside the default Trinity desktop.

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I tried Puppy and could not get it to boot. I don’t know, but I am glad where the journey took me.

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