Editing old posts

This is much older than the recent server change. It is really annoying, I would like to be able to edit all my posts.

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Do you mean a post lower than post 180 under Packseek?

I meant any post older than 180 days. (I wanted to edit the first post in the pacseek thread and noticed there is no option to edit anymore).

The 180 was just a wild guess I didn’t do any maths :wink:.

Maybe it’s related to the number of posts that came afterwards instead. :man_shrugging:

Oh… i thought you meant post 180.

I can make it a wiki if you want i.e. you can edit as much as you want.

just send me link to the post

will be editable by everyone if a wiki… i think? to mention this “wiki style” I think @keybreak had similar issue I do not remember what we have done there ?

its a wiki too…

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Yes, to fix it you must make it a wik via menu in the bottom-right of OP:

You can untick it back if you don’t want it to be editable by everyone, so it will be locked again


It’s utter :basketball: :baseball:, that’s what it is .

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Before this goes too far, we have to consider the legalities involved. Some countries make posts become un-editable so if legal issues come up, such as slander, the parties involved can’t just edit the evidence away. I say this because about 10 years ago a forum that I visited had an issue and all posts were always editable by the poster. TL:DR it ended up being a mess.

I do not know if anything like this applies to EnOS or not. EnOS is based in the Netherlands and the server is in Germany. So I assume European laws prevail.

@bryanpwo would know more about this than I.


Above I was reffering to editing old posts, not anything about the wiki.

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That’s a silly argument, because if you edit your post 5 minutes after posting, you see the edit history. Why not the same after 5 years?

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There is still a history available when you edit a post though. So you can always see what’s been there initially.

Also it seems that I could even delete that old post still (just not edit).

That being said, I don’t really see a reason why it should be blocked to edit older posts.

Anyways, I was just curious if that is intended or not. I’m ok with how it is atm.

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I’m not, but I don’t have a choice. :man_shrugging:t3:

You use Linux so yes you do have a choice. Otherwise you would be forced to use Windoze! :rofl:

Yeah, ok. Would be nice, but I can live with it.

Wait. I can still edit that previous post :thinking::sweat_smile:

I wasn’t aware of this thread, hence the late reaction.
There is no block we have set to edit posts after a certain time period.

@moson I can see that the last edit you made was on August 24th. Are you able to edit it now? I have rebuilt that particular post with HTML, so perhaps you are able to edit it now.

I do see the edit possibility for that post and you have a high enough trust level on the forum to be able to see it also. So could you try it for me again?


There is no edit option:


btw. talking about this one: Pacseek - A terminal user interface for searching and installing Arch Linux packages

The earliest post in that thread that does show the edit option is from 30st of March. Pacseek - A terminal user interface for searching and installing Arch Linux packages - #51 by moson

So, if my “older than 180 days theory” is correct, I should loose the ability to edit that one tomorrow. Let’s see :slight_smile:

Could you take a look at it now?


Yepp works now :smile:
thank you


Okay, thanks for checking. Then there was this block that was set by default, which I wasn’t aware of.