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I was busy doing research on said title of the topic and had a few questions.
As background I use KDE Plasma as my EOS of choice on my desktop (custom pc I built, with a ethernet connection wired directly from my router). I currently have an ecosystem of Samsung Devices (S20FE 5G and Galaxy Tab S7FE).

I was just recently made aware of KDE Connect but I have growing concerns as my Desktop is hardwired in, will I have issues (I have an HP Printer & Scanner that refuses to be seen as well). I haven’t tested running KDE Connect as I’m currently away (at my parents house), but was curious if I need to be ready to fix the issue manually somehow or if what I’m trying to do is a pipe dream. I do admire what Apple has done but at the same time I’m not a huge fan of the closed enviornment, and pending what google comes out with I may also jump device teams down the line (so if I do the more I prepare now the better), especially since I plan to start doing some smart home things like automation of lights among other things (since I’m still in an apartment).

Any help will be greatly appreciated! Also wasn’t sure if this belonged in a casual category or somewhere else, but since I’ve only seen this topic in one other spot on reddit, I figured I’d start by posting here (since I’m a relative newbie as well).

Hi and welcome, @RedTetsu13! :enos: :enos_flag:

Connecting Android devices with ArchLinux generally works pretty well. :wink:

As for your printer, you may want to check out the EnOS-Wiki site:


I would hope it does given Android uses the Linux kernel :joy:

KDE connect will work fine with a hard-wired system. It talks over the network. There is nothing special that you need to do. Just install it on both devices and pair them.

As long as they are allowed to talk to each other, it should work fine. You may need to enable kde connect in the local firewall on EOS.

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For smart home I would stay with FOSS

Never trust a corporation with personal data.


FWIW - I’ve ALWAYS had to set up my HP printer (on Arch/EOS) with a wired connection first before I could get it working wirelessly.

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Test it, and come back if there is a problem.

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I am using KDEConnect with my PC as a wired system and a Google Pixel running GrapheneOS on without any Problems.

I have discoverd localsenda little prog for filesharing. Take a look here:

Feel free to test. I am satisfied. In the end is what fits on your need

You’d just have to open the correct firewall ports: to get KDEConnect working, scroll to the bottom of the page for the instructions. Above that, there also is a section about printers and the firewall, maybe this can solve your printing problems too?