DXVD or vulkan on Nvidia GPU

I understand that DXVD converts directx to Vulcan so that Linux users can run directx games but is it faster/slower than using Vulcan natively? I have a nvidia gpu and I wasn’t sure if there is a performance hit with DXVD or is there no difference?

DXVK translates directx calls to vulkan, so as you said, linux users can play directx games, games made for windows, thanks to dxvk-vulkan with pretty awesome performance right now. Right now we can play dx9, dx10, dx11, dx12 games no problem unless they have anti-cheat, and steam hasn’t patched it to make things work or the game dev’s.

The problems, basically revolve around performance, which is a complex subject to get into.

Games that work natively for linux, can work with vulkan, and games that work natively for windows, I believe, can also work with vulkan, which is a graphics api built to be cross-platform capable.

Games made for windows, tend to work better with windows, but, it’s not that simple of a subject matter. Some games, made for windows, perform better on linux and can even achieve better potential outcomes than windows can enable them to achieve. Linux performs uniquely compared to windows, but is not optimized to perform extremely well in every case with our hardware/drivers like windows is.

Gaming performance on linux is improving every day right now. The vast majority of games can work with linux with little effort searching guides online. In theory native games should work better. If you want to find out specifics about different games the best place to start is to look on

which is database for gamers on steam, where users post their experience with different games and instructions for getting them to work/improving their performance.

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Alright I’ll look into it. Thank you for your response