DWM Tips please!

Im new to Dwm.
Any good website for learning the patching and stuff.
And Merry christmas !!

You can try this material… it’s all free (and worth every penny):

Thank you so much @manyroads :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’d recommend having a look at the dwm-flexipatch project. You can quickly try out various patches to see if they fit your workflow.

There is also a documented dwm project in that space if you want to learn the dwm internals.

The best tip I can give you for dwm is to know how to read C. dwm is really meant to be used by people who have at least some understanding of its code.

When it comes to patching it, try to do it manually. Many patches are incompatible with each other, but by manually editing the code, they can be made compatible.


Well thanks for this tip.
But in two months I have exams , so will learn C after that.
I’m interested in programming languages, I’m learning python now.
Loved dwm btw.
Due to lack of time using the basic dwm now.

qtile could be a good wm to try if you havent yet and are interested in using python.

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