Dwm restarting without quitting

I use GDM as window manager and have dwm installed recently as a session in addition to gnome. everything suckless.

I have two questions:

  • I use .xprofile to start scripts and things like nitrogen etc. it seems to work, is that ok? I don’t use .xinitrc which seems to be described in most tutorials. Is that bad habit? Here is an example of my script, I think I can omit the bash preamble…
#! /bin/bash

while true; do
   xsetroot -name "$(date)"
   sleep 1m    # Update time every minute
done &

# Autostart section
st &
nitrogen --restore &
autorandr --change &
picom & 
slstatus &

  • I like to restart dwm in place, like I would respawn in i3wm or qtile when I change a config. I found the following script in the arch wiki but it says it should be put in .xinitrc. Can I do that in .xprofile too since I use gdm?
while true; do
    # Log stderror to a file 
    dwm 2> ~/.dwm.log
    # No error logging
    #dwm >/dev/null 2>&1

Arch wiki reference

and then I would set pkill dwm as a keybinding to logout of my session, correct?