Dwarf Fortress Proton

I am really hoping some other EOS users here play Dwarf Fortress Steam on Proton because I have been having some minor issue, The only problem I face beside it crashing maybe once in a very rare blue moon, Is after about an hour so of playing it seems to sort of lag out where the fps slows down then when you click somewhere in game it sometimes does not register it or registers it after a second or so. Anyone happen to know any work arounds for this issue, I was reading on the proton page for DF that others have the same issue but no real work around, I have tried many different versions of proton but it does not seem to really matter, I wonder if its my AMD GPU…

What GPU driver are you using? What model GPU?

[AMD/ATI] Navi 24 [Radeon RX 6400/6500 XT/6500M]

OK, now what driver? Mesa or AMD?

I read some of the notes on ProtonDB and it sounds like the issue you’re describing is a Dwarf Fortress issue, not a Proton one. Have you played it on Windows? If so, does it work better/worse?

I dont use windows, this is the problem

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You may have to wait until DF gets an update, or maybe restart the game every once in a while; wouldn’t be the first program that needed that.

Mesa 22.3.2

Maybe using the AMD driver would help, but I personally never had any luck with it (on Nvidia now).

I think that most of the people who even play DF on linux must be on a different distro or using steam deck lol

Have you gone on their Steam discussion forums site? That would be a better place to look for help on this particular issue than here.