Dvinity: Original Sin 2 crashes on Steam

I bought and installed Devinity: Original Sin 2 from the Steam store today.

However, the game crashes during the loading screen. (closes completely).

Graphics: Sapphire RX 580 Nitro+

AMDGPU driver, vulkan-radeon, libva-mesa-driver

Proton Experimental (Skyrim runs without problems)

during the installation of DOS2 everything necessary was loaded in Steam, game start was marked as active.

LED bar lights up for a while, then aborts …

oh well, the Wayland session is running here …

At https://www.protondb.com/search?q=Divinity+original+sin+2, DOS2 with GOLD is displayed.

This is not helpful (I realize that), but from experience this is one of these, ‘your mileage may vary’.
It may well depend upon a certain level of wine, etc.
I don’t recall if I ever tried DOS2 under Linux. I seem to recall BG3 (also Larian developed) being trouble and just not worth while to try.

I’m reading through the comments on ProtonDB about DOS2 and most users were running ootb, but I haven’t gotten any hints yet.

I was playing the game in the recent weeks on and off with no problems (30 hours, Intel Arc). Now it crashes on the loading screen here too. Switching from Proton Experimental to Proton 8 works.

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Will try it out with Proton 8, just uninstalled it, deleted all data and now reinstalling it again

Proton 8.0 is the solution! Thanks @Schlaefer, I was getting desperate. It runs like butter on ultra settings with the old RX 580 and the much older i5 2500K (but without overclocking).

Nice to know, I never finished DOS2…I might try it under Linux one day soon!

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