Duplicate files?

Hello friends!

So I’ve installed a duplicate file finder ( Czkawka ) and it’s showing that I have quite a few duplicate files. I am pretty sure I may have downloaded some of them unsuspecting that they may have already been in the system, but probably not this many. My question is, is it safe to eliminate all duplicates, or not ? I am not hurting for storage space, just wanted to tidy the system up.

Thank you for your time! :hugs:

There is no single answer to that. You need to decide on a case by base basis.

You seem to have 4 copies of snapd all in random locations. I would go through and clean those up, that might remove a lot of your duplicates.

You certainly don’t need three copies of the same appimage. Just make sure the one you keep is the one you are using.

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Great idea, thank you! :smiley:

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