Dumb Question

I had to reinstall endevour because I broke it.
I’d like to have this: the GUI for Pamac
What command do I need?

yay -S pamac-aur

Pamac on EOS won’t support flatpaks and snaps. Otherwise it should be identical to Manjaro’s Pamac.

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No, I need to run whats in that picture exactly, <i already have pamac-aur, where do I find it?

Pamac’s GUI should be in your application menu. It might be listed as “Add/Remove Software”. The AUR settings tab will be under settings in Pamac.


Yep, found it, many thanks! It’s 7AM here and I haven’t had any sleep.

Pamac shows up for me when I open the app menu and type “pamac”

When I type pamac, its shows software update and software add/remove, same program though.

Yea, the difference is “software update” takes you directly to the update tab.