Dual screens unplugged caos --->Synergy

I have dual screens driven by HDMI this works well until I unplug the none primary one.

Original setup.
when first installed the left screen was set to be where the taskbar was placed.
I changed this so that the right screen is set as primary and the left is just a screen to the left of the main.

Desired setup sometimes.
The above works well(Original) until its left screen is unplugged, then it sets the screen that’s unplugged as primary and the taskbar is transferred to the unplugged display, causing chaos.

I have two computers one running windows and one running Arch Linux. When I want to use the windows one (Eeaak I know) I plug the left display cable into it, and use Synergy to connect the mouse and keyboard to from the linux box. The right screen contains plasma but no taskbar menu nothing, very undesirable.
I have plasma set so the right display is set to primary for ‘Any display arrangement’. How-to setup plasma so that this change does not mean that the taskbar shifts to the vacant display making it unusable?


I don’t use KDE much anymore so someone else may have a better idea. But, KDE has often had issues with multi-monitor support in the past, especially hotswapping. With that said here’s a couple of options:

  1. I’ve heard Kscreen2 can sometimes have an affect. You could try to disable kscreen under “System settings” > “Startup and Shutdown” > “Background Services” > “KSCreen 2”.

  2. You could try creating a keyboard shortcut to restart plasmashell when plug/unplug your monitor via: Custom shortcuts->Edit->New->Global Shortcut->Command/URL->Action: plasmashell --replace &

  3. You could create an xrandr script or autorandr profile that you could execute with a keyboard shortcut as well.

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