Dual GPU display corruption

My system has:

  • AMD Raphael iGPU connected to a 4k TV
  • AMD RX580 driving 4x displays @ 4k
  • RTX 3060 with no displays attached (used only for compute/AI at this time)

During the install process, sitting at the EndeavourOS logon screen, and post-logon there is severe display corruption. I was able complete the installation via the fallback/NoModeSet menu option - no display corruption in this configuration.

Garuda did the exact same thing. It’s the reason why I’m trying EndeavourOS now.

I’m thinking to try a kernel option (in gummiboot config) to ignore the nVidia? Any thoughts on what to put here? During the install I went with Gnome and the system appears to have chosen Wayland.



If you have any Nvidia proprietary driver installed, you can try blacklisting nvidia. But if not, try blacklisting nouveau.

Also, x11 instead of wayland might help.

gfx is broken during the install – haven’t had a chance to add or replace any drivers yet.

Not sure which display server is used in a LiveISO session. x11 is a pathology, not a solution.

An update: Blacklisting nvidia didn’t do anything and I don’t think the nVidia is the problem.

The display corruption happens when the RX570 and the AMD iGPU are active at the same time. The problem disappears immediately when I unplug the HDMI cable from the motherboard. I don’t even need to reboot.

Not sure where to go from here but I can’t be the only one with this configuration… I’ll keep searching.