Dual booting with Batocera?

Hi all,

I’m fairly new to the linux space. I’ve dabbled in and out of linux for a few years, first starting with Kubuntu 3 years ago then moving to arch which was my daily driver for about 6 months. Now I’ve found Endeavour and it is absolutely perfect for me.

I am building a PC which will sit in the TV unit and be primarily used with some wired aftermarket switch pro controllers. I want to have access to endeavour OS for when I want to tinker and mess around with Linux but primarily I want to use the PC for emulation and gaming which has led me to want to use Batocera.

The PC has a single M.2 drive and it is extremely small form factor so I have no plans to add any more storage.

What would be the best way to repartition the drive to install batocera on one partition while also being able to boot into endeavour on occasion? Preferably id like both OS’s to be able to access a single drive that will contain all the games.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Looks like you could just run Batocera off of a USB flash drive or SD card.

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Thing is it doesn’t look like that Batocera has a live environment and a GUI installer. Or does it?

Looking at the link I posted above, the installation method is similar to the installation of, say RaspberryPi OS, where you flash the image to the entire SD card /USB drive. They use even rpi-imager to demonstrate it. However other tools could also be used to flash the image.

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wow at the wiki now, this is some strange animal I can’t grasp then. I ASS/U/MEd this was a traditional distro since I’ve seen it mentioned before. Will delete my above post.

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