Dual-booting win10 + EOS. Laptop's logo looks bizarre when booting into Windows


I know this isn’t a big issue but it makes me uncomfortable lol

Hey, I appreciate that you’ve included many logs already. However, having that many logs in the message makes it overwhelming to read. Luckily for us, Endeavour includes a really handy tool called eos-sendlog. You can pipe the output of a cli command into it, and it will paste the content to a pastebin service and return the link. Then, you can simply paste the link in here. You can run it like this: inxi -Fxxc0z | eos-sendlog. Please, before continuing, do that with every command you used to get the logs and replace the actual log with a link to the pastebin given to you by eos-sendlog.

Additionally, how should the logo look like? To me, everything looks fine on the picture you provided, but I don’t know the logo.

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It should look like this:

I added a link to the pastebin

Fixed it by changing the boot menu resolution :sweat_smile:

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