Dual boot with windows 11

It’s going to be interesting when win11 finally comes out if we’ll continue to be able to easily dual boot. Right now I dual boot my laptop, and have secure boot turned off because frankly I didn’t see the point. I wonder how that will change once win 11 is out. I also wonder how they are going to deal with VMs as I also have win 10 in VM to use word when I need it. I wonder if it’s time to start figuring out how to turn on secure boot, at least on my laptop.

I tried the windows insiders win 11 and it just said I have to had secure boot. I have it but never enabled it and all was fine. I was even able to dual boot

I thought that to use secure boot the the init image needed to be sighed. Just now reading through the secure boot section in arch wiki

Probably, things will stay as they are. Windows 11 is Windows 10 with some ui changes and hardware restrictions.
At least for now, no big changes where made to nt kernel itself.
Maybe initial setup will require secure boot, tmp and what else, but after that, there is nothing to stop you from turning it off.

Hope so, I rarely boot into windows but it is useful for when I do need it

I do not know if Secure Boot need to be enabled or if W11 just need to see the compability in the chip.
If you need to disable the secure boot check in a system that does not have the chip at all, install W10 and then change the registry (look it up for the specific key) to disable the check before upgrade to W11.

i would say the same it will be mainly the TPM 2.0 what is needed.

If it will be that Win11 will only boot on secure boot enabled, it needs some signed boot loader / preloader like ubuntu has (payed Microsoft for the key)
There is shim and possible solutions are there.

In my point of view if they allow me to use insider preview also i do not fully fit the requirements it is not clear what exactly are the requirements currently and will change. In my case, I use an uncommon CPU that could be simply not on the list, but I have TPM 2.0 available so it runs fine and will run fine after release…


In the preview at least it seems to not be the case since you can set a registry key to not check for the chip before upgrading and it happily will upgrade and run.

the preview is a preview also :wink:
But it could be simple be that microsoft wants you to buy a new computer too ?

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