Dual Boot with EOS and Win10 on the same drive

Hello, I am just searching for some simple steps I can use or articles I can read before I attempt a dual boot. I have attempted previously with Arch and Windows however I failed as they would both eat up the whole drive rather than being restricted to their own partitions. My intention for having Windows is because of specific development reasons that do not allow for me to work with WSL. I would prefer to boot with grub. My partitions are on the same drive (an SSD) and I hope that they can share the same drive, if not are their any ways to achieve Windows features such as MSVC on my EOS build?

You say your partitions are on the same dive currently. What is on the drive currently? Win10 and what else? Can you show the partitions by booting on the live ISO?

sudo parted -l

the Microsoft compiler (cl.exe) runs fine under wine, but modern versions of the visual studio IDE don’t (although VC++ 6 works fine and is still a perfectly reasonable choice for 32-bit C89 / C++98 development)

as for a dual boot, it’s easy. if you’re not very confident with partitions and the like I’d recommend first installing windows, then go to disk management and free some space - after this, simply boot the endeavor live iso, and install on a partition created in the empty space. Calameras (the gui installer that endeavouros uses) will automatically set up GRUB, a boot loader, to allow you to boot both the windows boot loader (which will load windows) or endeavouros

if you’re using UEFI, you can either make them share the same efi partition (when installing just mount the windows refi partition on /boot) or have two efi partitions (what I prefer for simplicity)

please ask if you have any questions :slight_smile: welcome to the community!

Hey mate,

I bought a Dell XPS 13 few days ago and it came with Windows on it,
So I decided to keep it and dual boot EOS.
Turns out, the EOS installer has an option “Install alongside” and it allows You to shrink the Windows partition as much as You like.
And both Windows and EOS work perfectly for me.
So You can install windows normally, and then install alongside EOS and You should be good to go.
So give it a shot, and tell us how it went ^^

hello :slight_smile:

which is the advantage of two EFI partitions?

no advantage, it’s just that i like to mentally keep everything seperated lol

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