Dual boot problem (UEFI mode)

Hi evreyone,

I am in Dual boot Manjaro and EndeavourOS.
In the bios of my motherboard (MSI b550 Tomahawhk) I have the UEFI legacy option selected and the secure boot disabled.
The first OS installed is Manjaro on an Nvme SSD, EndeavorOS came next and I put it on a Sata SSD.
Since I installed EndeavourOS the PC automatically starts up on … EndeavourOS :star_struck: but without giving me any other choice :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.
The only possibility I have found to access Manjaro is to go through the Boot override option on my motherboard which allows me to select one or the other of the 2 distributions.

When I select Manjaro I see Manjaro’s grub appear (?) where I have the choice to launch Manjaro or EndeavourOS. Finally you have to be quick because the screen disappears very, very quickly and Manjaro is launched.

When I select EndeavourOS I see the EndeavourOS grub appear I guess (?) where I have the choice to run one of the 2 kernels that I have installed. You also have to be fast because the screen disappears so quickly and EndeavouOS kernel lts is launched. Manjaro does not appeat this time.

Reading the wiki I understood that using Refind instead of Grub I guess (but which one?) Would solve all of my boot problems.
Big mistake on my part, I only see Refind when going through the motherboard boot override! This gives me an extra layer to launch one of the 2 distributions. :dizzy_face:

In short, it’s a big mess to start one of the 2 partitions. If a charitable soul could help me simplify all this he would be entitled to my gratitude,
Thank you in advance for your help,

You can just use grub from EndeavourOS and with grub-customizer (arch package) or by manual editing tweak it https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/GRUB

Maybe this thread can help you:

Arch has recently changed the default config of grub to not run os-prober by default.

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OK. I modified the EndeavourOS grub and I can now run either of the 2 distributions.

But my big problem is still: How do I get to the grub menu automatically when I start or restart my computer? Because going through the boot override option of my motherboard is not the right choice.

Your BIOS may allow you to select who has the ‘control’ of booting usually with drag-and-drop mouse work) - but this is a terminal-centric distro :grin:, so i will mention efibootmgr - a tool for the purpose of cleaning up your EFi boot order and contents, and re-ordering as desired…

More than likely either will let you choose what gets initial control on boot.

Normally you would set to boot from the hard drive that has EOS installed on if it is the OS with grub controlling the boot if you have multiple drives? Set the boot order in your UEFI Bios.

Edit: You can slo use efibootmgr as @freebird54 pointed out.