Dual boot doesn't work

Newbie question:

I have installed an Endeavour partition alongside Windows 10 and when I start my laptop It doesn’t give me the option to boot the windows partition.

I’ve tried to reinstall the linux partition in order to rearrange the partitions but it doesn’t allow me to boot from the live usb either.

It’s the first time this happens to me.

What is not working???
Can anyone help me to boot my windows partirion again?

I attach the images of the boot options and my laptop’s partitions.

Thank you in advance.

Reinstalling Linux wont help fix a non bootable Windows. I would think you would need to boot into a windows repair environment and do a boot fix.

try this article it may help I don’t use windows so I can’t verify.


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Did you create /dev/nvme0n1p7 yourself when installing Linux? If you did then there is no Windows EFI partition which explains why you can’t boot it.

No ESP for Windows: BIOS/Legacy install?
EnOS: UEFI install
Mixed install mode scenario?
But perhaps not. I guess Windows disk should have showed up among boot options then?


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