DSL gets a new version after 16 years!


Looks very interesting, most likely going to spin it on a VM.


I was just reading about that earlier today. Neat. Not so damnsmall anymore though, 600+ MB for the smaller image.

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I have it installed on my testing laptop and it is very frugal on resources! I likes it!


Got it working on a virtual machine. Two issues did arise though but I’m pretty sure the first one is user error on my part.
When using QEMU/KVM, it would not let me install DSL onto the virtual hard disk at all. It didn’t recognize it either when manually partitioning. But i’m pretty sure thats on me as I do not use QEMU because i couldn’t route my usb devices onto virtual machines.

It worked for me on Virtualbox, but when I switched the resolution it wouldn’t move the task manager esque thing on the screen so its just stuck in the middle of the screen.

Regardless I will tinker with this as it allows users to download packages via apt-get (previous versions of DSL apparantly didn’t allow it).

Wish i had spare hardware though :c

That’s how computers should be. I love it!

Why is it kernel 5.10? Debian 12 is on 6.1.18 currently.

Probably because DSL 2024 iso is 32bit and not 64bit. A few things that I added through gdebi such as nitroshare, I had to find 32bit deb files to have them install. I guess one could update the system to 64 architecture but I have not been brave enough to try yet. Maybe one day I will give it a try.