DSC on linux

I am thinking about get a 4k 144hz monitor (dell g3223q), which comes a 24 Gbps hdmi 2.1, given my following hardware would there be any issue using it at 4k 144hz? Since I notice online there might be issues using dsc on linux?

Hardware: 11gen intel i7 cpu, nvidia 3080Ti gpu
software: endeavouros with everything latest version

Uh…that sucks. Cut rate HDMI bandwidth on a 4K 144Hz monitor.

Last I checked, there were still issues with full DSC support on Linux. I think some work has been done recently but I am not sure what the state of that is.

Unless someone can provide a definitive answer, I would probably try to find a monitor with full bandwidth HDMI ports or use displayport.

Also, if that is a hybrid laptop, I think your chances for support are even lower.

full bandwith (31.5 inch) would be 100 pounds more expensive QAQ what about Display port, is it also using DSC?
And that is a desktop btw

It looks like that monitor supports DP 1.4 which I believe would still need DSC for 4K 144Hz at 4:4:4.

hmmm…, tbh I dont need 144, 120 looks just fine enough for me, but it seems that even 120 is not enough for its ‘half’ hdmi 2.1 or dp…

DP 1.4 might be able to do 4K 120Hz 8-bit. It is about the right bandwidth for it. I can’t find any documentation stating that it can definitively. If you need 10-bit that would be over the limit for sure without compression or chroma-subsampling.

There have been so many topics about this so I am saying this beforehand: You need ibt=off parameter due to your CPU and Nvidia driver not liking IBT.

nvm I end up with LG 32GQ950, it has full bandwidth :slight_smile: and no problem for now.

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