Dropbox VS NextCloud

I’m thinking of moving away from dropbox and going all open source even for file hosting to get away from closed source as much as I can. Has anyone here switched over to nextcloud and found it better. I know its more costly than dropbox for storage but I can deal with it as I grow my file sizes. Does anyone have any reccomendations on this switch or should I just stick it out with dropbox

Is it?

It depends whether you are serious about

If yes, then NextCloud is a perfectly good option.

I switched entirely to nexcloud since Fall 2020 and use it to sync my work files on 3 computers. It seems to be working flawless, no file version issues and such.

Since my internet is superslow, I decided to install nexcloud on my homeserver. On my laptop I just use the nexcloud client, it also works on my iphone and windows if necessary. Feel much better hosting my files locally. The down side is that I cant access the files remotely since I decided to close my lan to the outside world :grin:

Wireguard and/or ZeroTier. :wink:


I tried Nextcloud for a while last fall. Whether it was because I didn’t have enough experience with the concept of the cloud anyway, or whether it was a wrong setup, in any case it had messed up or overwritten most of my folders to be synchronized on the computer in no time, because it absolutely wanted to bring the structure preset by Nextcloud to my computer during synchronization. Fortunately, I still had a backup of all data on my external hard drive. Anyway, at the moment I still prefer the backup in this traditional form. Maybe I’m already too old for such experiments …

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What’s your use case? If you’re just syncing files between machines then syncthing is a great alternative. If you need to be able to access your files from other machines then nextcloud is a good option. It doesn’t have to be more expensive than dropbox. I run mine from an rpi and, aside from the initial cost of the rpi (which I also use to serve a number of other apps), it doesn’t cost me anything.

I have Nextcloud for documents and personal files but keep Dropbox and Box and Google etc for Music, books and non personal stuff. Why not use it if it is free, just keep your stuff safe on your own server.

My family use a nextcloud instance I run on my server for photos though I sync that with Google drive as an off site back up.

Self hosting stuff is a bit of a learning curve but very flexible and satisfying once you get the hang of it.

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I went with plex instead for my videos and photos and will keep the free Dropbox for my documents I like plexs layout and feature set for video

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