🤖 Dropbox users, you may want to read this

I can only say this, just get a raspberry pi and set up a nextcloud instance for yourself. Such a nice thing to have. All files locally and easy to backup. Also it’s pretty nice to have a platform for the family to share files and calendars.


On my to do list

Being that I only use a “Basic” account, I did not see the option.
Laptop via browser.

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Thanks for reminding me about ol’ Dropbox account. Went and deleted it.

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That’s another reason why there is PGP and file encryption in general when you store your files on someone else’s computers.


Yeah nuked the dropbox account and started going though all my other services and started deleting those that I don’t use. Part of my annual digital spring cleaning.

The only problem with using a local server is that for those of us who live in fire and other storm prone areas, that does NOT back our data up off-site… which is a basic need for backup (IMHO).

EDIT: Thanks… for the heads up. I just revoked AI permission on my account(AI). I am certain Dropbox is as honorable and as trustworthy as the US and Hungarian and Russian and Chinese governments. I feel much more secure now. :woozy_face:


Overall that seems surprisingly reasonable. If you want to use AI features on your data you have to provide your data to the AI.

But if you have your data in Dropbox and don’t trust Dropbox with your data you probably have bigger problems already.

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This is why I self-host all my personal data.


This is a point - so it’s good for storing non-critical stuff, my Dropbox has 8GiB which comes in useful, with a public folder so I can easily share cursors now removed from the AUR:

Or a bunch of wallpapers you collected and edited over the years

So obviously, just view the whole folder as a storage space with windows and you’re golden.