Dropbox menu in Gnome


Has anyone managed to get Dropbox from AUR working properly?

My problem is that when it starts, I get no icon in the top bar. In order to view an icon, I have to use the appindicatorsupport@rgcjonas.gmail.com extension, but the problem is that clicking on the menu (left or right mouse button) does not bring up the popup menu.

In order to get the menu to work I have found the workaround of disabling/re-enabling the extension from command-line with:

$ gnome-extensions disable appindicatorsupport@rgcjonas.gmail.com ; sleep 1 ; gnome-extensions enable appindicatorsupport@rgcjonas.gmail.com

After than, clicking on the icon does bring up the menu:

What could be causing this issue? Is it an extension issue, a Gnome issue, or a dropbox issue?

That’s an old known problem that now and then gets fixed by the extension or Dropbox and now and then gets broken again by one of them…