Dropbox / free cloud Service

Hi everybody,

i am currently looking for a cloud service to sync file across all my devices:
Laptop (EndeavourOS), iPad Pro, Mac.

I wanted to try Dropbox, but i don’t get the client installed using the commands from the Dropbox website:

cd ~ && wget -O - “https://www.dropbox.com/download?plat=lnx.x86_64” | tar xzf -


This process usually opens the browser for signing in but it just hangs somewhere and does not finish.

Any ideas? Does anyone use the dropbox client? (btw. i works perfectly on Mint)

i am also open for other suggestions in terms of another cloud service that is free and usable across the platforms mentioned beforehand.

Thanks a lot,
best, Niels

it can be possible. please follow below link

I’ve stepped away from DB some time ago because of privacy issues.
Now I’m using Spider Oak one, also free.

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Spider Oak is not free?

My solution is MEGA, witch is free up to 50 GB, encrypted, and even MEGA itself hasn’t got the encryption keys, so it is pretty secure. It has an excellent GUI in the AUR. I think it’s OS agnostic, but I can’t speak for Mac. Linux and Windows work perfectly fine though.


I like it a lot!


Thanks a million,

i tried it a couple of times.
At first there was something wrong with the PGP Keys, but i was able to solve that issue.
Then there was trouble at makepkg -s where the process just did not finish.
but this package was created, so i tried to install it and ended with 4 errors and an interrupted process…


After all this back and forth i was a little frustrated and gave the solution on the Dropbox page a shot.
And it worked perfectly.
Probably not very elegant, but the result matters :wink:

Thanks everybody,

PS: My Swedish friend, i will take a look at Mega. The founder and myself are the same age and we grew up just a few kilometers away from each other

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Since you already have Dropbox installed, this post is not necessary for you. But it may be of some help to others:

Dropbox is in the AUR.

Installation is easy. All you have to do is, in the Terminal, type this:

yay -S dropbox

I have it installed on two of my computers and it works perfectly. I have the free setup (2 GB maximum) but you can purchase more space if you wish.


I had considered MEGA until I read the reviews at:


Checkered past, TOS, and lack of 3rd party confirmation are less than satisfying.

Well, as far as controversy goes, Kim Dotcom is a walking calamity regardless of your opinion of him. :wink:

But… Elvis left the building a few years ago. When it comes to third party, I’m not going sleepless over it due to the zero-knowledge encryption, witch some see as a negative, but I don’t.

As far as the collaboration minus goes… I don’t collaborate. :joy:

I thought those reviews, quite honestly, were rave reviews imho.

They were. But with caveats to be considered.

Absolutely, there are always pro’s and con’s to consider.

All in all I’m not too worried about the TOS and legal aspects of it. There are a lot that are much worse out there.

I’ve had my account for a very long time now, and so far no problems at all.

Personally I use Nextcloud on a nas running 24/7 as my ‘cloud’ solution. I only use it to run own calendars and manage contacts and to share the occasional file with others.

So, I separate syncing from cloud backup. If you don’t necessarily need the cloud part I’d recommend Syncthing.

Here are a couple of reasons:

  • Syncthing is so much faster on local lan transfers; no problem syncing larger files (xGb) which is inpractical to do with Dropbox because getting these to the cloud would take too long. Every device doesn’t just pull but also pushes files if it is connected (like torrents).
  • Syncthing can sync different folders with different devices, so there are some items I share
    only with certain computers, other items I share with mobile Android devices and so on. Dropbox shares everything with every device on your Dropbox account.
  • Syncthing can sync multiple folders instead of just one Dropbox folder; so Syncthing fits in with my existing file systems and the things I sync are better organized.
  • Works on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, OpenBSD and Android. I sync up to 200GB between a qnap nas (linux), 2 linux desktops, 2 linux laptops, 1 windows desktop an 3 android devices.
  • Open source and totally free.

To be honest, it is a pain (= lot of work) to set this up though. But once done, syncthing just runs in the background and in my case needs absolutely no further maintenance.


I know “Kim Schmitz” from way back. I already decided not to touch anything the guy even breathed on long before he rebranded himself. He has a long history of fckng everybody over; if he hasn’t yet, the probability is high he will as soon as he has something to gain (or not to lose). But I still don’t wish an extradition to the US on him.


2 GB is free.

Two GB of what? :wink:

Oh, it was a reply. Never mind me. I’m boiling in the heat here, and a tad slow. :smiley:

2 GB of data. :joy:

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That seems very little obviously, i know.
And still it’s easily enough to exchange 10 .docx file and a handful of pdfs :grin::innocent:

Thanks to all of you

As an alternative to all these solutions which all have their minuses, you can self host your own cloud instance.

Since I have a hosting account bought for hosting my sites, I slapped a FileRun instance on that server and basically set up my own cloud instance.

Most hosting providers have Softaculous software installer available, under which you can find FileRun (maybe some providers hide FileRun as they might not want it installed).

I’ve then used dav2fs to mount that instance via fstab and now I can access the cloud instance from Thunar.


Not to mention there are webdav (which is the protocol in use for this cloud software) apps for android and iphone, so you can add a connection to your persnal cloud to your phone. You will not be able to use it as a replacement to icloud (can’t back up your images and data automatically to it), but you can manually copy files to it on your phone.