Drag Problem of GNOME 40 Menu and Bar

Hey guys I hope you are all fine

In GNOME 40.1 Wayland interface, at the menu of Activities part, I can’t drag the menu apps into folder and also favorited apps in the bar anymore.

When I first installed EndeavourOS GNOME, I can move the apps anywhere I want. I put them into folders based on their genres such as Photo, System, Pre-Installed etc but right now I can’t move them to anywhere. All of them locked. Do you know how to fix this?

Thank you very much for your time.

I think this is a recent bug, does it work if you press and hold on the icons for about 4 seconds before you try to move them?

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Actually it is not a bug. I understand the GNOME behaviour now. You need to press and hold a little bit if you want to move it not for long only 2 seconds than you will see you can move it to anywhere. Thank you very much for help :star_struck:

Sounds like a ‘long press’ behaviour from touch screens… probably not a coincidence!

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Hopefully you can change it in the future it is super annoying.

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