Drag & drop pictures from browser to file manager takes a while to enable the save option

If I click, and hold click, on a picture on my browser and drag it to the file manager it takes quite a bit to turn the icon into a green+ that tells me I can release to save the picture.

The installation is fresh, just a couple of days, during which I’ve been trying to figure out if there was some kind of timer option somewhere. If there is, apologies, I couldn’t find it. I am also new to xfce.

Should it be useful, here’s some extra info on my system from neofetch.
I’m not the smartest, there’s probably more I could show but I don’t know what, I’m sorry.

“You can just right click and save as” is what some of my friends told me, but I occasionally open a ton of pictures and I have to sort them in folders. If I sort them as I save them it takes less time than right click and save one by one and then sort them.

Are these file transfers over separate SSDs? If you are copying a file from one folder to another folder on the same SSD, it should be close to instantaneous. Because you really aren’t copying the file, the file itself stays where it is on the SSD, just the information of where the file is located in the folder hierarchy is changed.

If you are copying a file from one storage device to another storage device, the entire file (every single byte) is copied. If the file is large this can cause a delay.

This may not be what is causing your delays, but take the above into consideration.


I’m explaining myself poorly maybe.
It’s not about how long it take to save a picture.
It’s about how long it takes to begin the file transfer.
Maybe I should make a video showing what I mean.
But, if you open your browser and drag a picture from it over to a folder on thunar the icon will change from whatever symbol your cursor has when you drag (with my theme a hand) to another icon, in my case a green plus symbol.
My issue is, it takes a long time before it turns to the green +, and for as long as it’s just a hand I can’t drop the picture.
This happens on any drive I have.

Ya…maybe you should make a video because when you say browser this is not typically how you save images? At least that’s not the way i do. :wink:

Using LibreWolf and Dolphin on KDE Plasma, it works for me. I didn’t even know you could do that! :rofl:

I normally just use:

wget "$(xclip -o -sel c)"

(I do have it aliased, I’m not that crazy)

I also have a permanently installed EndeavourOS with Xfce running here. I use Chrome as a browser there and it works very well except that the image is just saved in jpeg.
If I use an unconfigured Firefox it wants to create a shortcut. :upside_down_face:

So first of all there is a different behavior.

How to change the behavior I would also have to find out first because I always work with the right-click menu.

Which browser do you use?

Okay how does one drag it over to thunar because as soon as you click to drag the picture the folder or the open window closes. :thinking:

Here, this time it happened pretty fast, usually it takes a good bit more. Maybe it depends by file size, dunno

This works a little different on KDE. Myself i wouldn’t do it this way. :man_shrugging:

I did it the same on kde

Well you can but I wouldn’t. Normally i right click to save images. :man_shrugging: