Drag and Drop of Windows, resizing

I’m new to budgie for a few days now, and so far many things work as I expect. One of the open problems is this:

Coming from KDE Plasma, I like dragging my windows from one monitor to the other (I have 2 monitors). At first, it seemed like it worked exactly as I expect: Drag a maximized window a little down by its top bar, move over to the second monitor, then move mouse to the top, so that it is maximized on the other monitor. I usually do that for media player windows, but also Evolution, just normal day-to-day stuff.

Sometimes, however, the window does not move, but somehow gets distorted, as if resizing, but the fonts look wonky, and I cannot interact with the window in any drag capacity. Clicking one of the monitors however moves the window over to that monitor, and while not maximizing it there I can interact with that again.

I assume that is a feature I do not fully understand. Maybe it is something that is executed in a way that is very close to my drag-to-other-monitor flow that I accidentally execute it regularly. From my explanation, can somebody identify what it is I am hitting, and maybe tell me where to configure that, or disable that?


Hallo @DromundKaas ,
I looked into Budgie out of curiosity. It’s new to me maybe I can’t tell you any piece of news. So after rightclicking the desktop in System Settings I would check the Displays are properly joint and at Desktop Settings / Fonts

Things to vary

things_to vary

Then in Keyboard down in Keyboard Shortcuts / View and Customize…
try to use at least Super+drag, Alt+F8, Alt+F7.

Windows Shortcuts

Edit: Window Shuffler Control makes Budgie REALLY user-friendly in this respect.
You can make rules for applications so the monitor and the position can be easily defined.
You can add this Applet to Bottom Panel and it’s super

Yesterday I tried for several minutes to recreate the effect I described by dragging my windows around as much as possible. I did not succeed.

On the note of your suggestions: I cannot seem to find the Hinting/Antialiasing settings anywhere. Maybe I have a different version?

c/o @DromundKaas
Right click to desktop / Budgie Desktop Settings / Fonts (3rd) and 2 items at the bottom.
‘Ceterum censeo’ put onto Bottom Panel/Dock Window Shuffler and play with it.

(I’m on Budgie 10.7.2. Wanted to listen to radiotray-ng on a Philips TV/Monitor connected by HDMI: failed – shame on me – made a trip to Manjaro )
this audio problem (let pulseaudio to live as well) by HDMI output can be fixed by

systemctl --user disable pipewire pipewire.socket
systemctl --user mask pipewire pipewire.socket
sudo pacman -S pulseaudio pulseaudio-bluetooth
systemctl --user start pulseaudio.service
systemctl --user start pulseaudio.socket

But it’s another topic.

I found it, thanks.

On that note: I think the phenomenon I described in the original post is not a Budgie or DE functionality at all, but one of MPV! I think I automatically associated the functionality with the DE because that was what I was expecting, coming from KDE Plasma.

I have today replicated the behavior for a short time, and I could see that the dragging seemed to scale and/or alter the video inside the MPV, not the while window itself. Therefor I would think that it is an MPV functionality.

Thanks for your help.

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